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I love Sudoku.  I mean I really love Sudoku.  And I think millions more would too if they only knew how to play it.  And really, the steps to learn Sudoku are few and easy.  Just four or five little skills and you can become very good at Sudoku.  A few more and you can become a virtual expert.  And those skills are all related because they are based on the same thing—logic.  Sudoku is a game of pure logic.  By learning to play Sudoku the logic centers in your brain will be tuned up and running on high.  Learning Sudoku will be very good for your thinking, particularly your reasoning abilities.

But does that mean it won’t be fun?  Far, far from it.  In fact, Sudoku is often referred to as addictive.  Sometimes you pick up a puzzle and you just can’t put it down.  You may find that when you have solved a Sudoku puzzle, maybe even your first one, you feel great because you solved it, but sad because it’s over.  What to do?  Grab another puzzle and get started on that one.  It happens all the time.

So why is Sudoku so much fun?  Because it’s not just a matter of solving the puzzle, but each of the 81 spaces you fill in will feel like a victory in itself.  Even removing a possibility (getting from “this space can be a 2, 3 or 7” to “this space can only be a 2 or 7”) will feel like a victory.  The fun is not just in the final destination, but in the trip along the way.

This site is designed to teach you all you need to solve Sudoku puzzles, even the most difficult ones, in minimum time.  You may be playing at the expert levels in just a few weeks, or less.


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Can You Solve This Sudoku Text Puzzle?

Sudoku puzzles can be numerical or text-based. Text adds another dimension of fun and interest to the game. This one is at a difficult level, equivalent to our Master Level puzzles. The shaded cells spell something that most of us are familiar with. Click on the puzzle to get a printable PDF version, and e-mail us if you get the correct answer (in the blue cells). First to get the correct answer wins a small prize. Send e-mail to:

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